This is a rough story in the women-in-prison genre. It is more violent than I usually have a taste for. I should point out that, from my point of view, I don't exactly create the plots, characters, and action in my stories. It feels more accurate, to me, to say that the stories assemble themselves in my head, almost beyond my control, and I simply record what's there. In the case of Foreign Prison (as with all of my stories), this is what was there.

The story features extreme cruelty, and sexuality ranging from entirely consensual to completely non-consensual (rape, coerced intercourse), including male/female, female/female, and incest. It's a story of evil, suspense, and courage. But beyond all of that, it is a love story.

Kinks include most of my favorites: chain bondage, gynophagia, snuff, ff sex, female nudity, lactation, ff incest. Some of these are present only in incidental ways, some are major themes.

If you can get through chapter 0, the prologue, you should be able to handle the rest.

This story was originally published, in electronic form, on Here is the description that went with that version:

Two American college girls on a European summer vacation make an ill-conceived side trip to a former Soviet republic, and make a huge mistake with disastrous results. Rachel and Mandy end up in a women's prison where the mistreatment of the inmates, both physical and psychological, has no limitations other than the imagination of the all-male staff, with no one on the outside knowing even what country the American girls are in. Can they be rescued?


by Cardaniel

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